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How To Get Rid Of Drugstore Beetles Naturally

Are you dealing with a drugstore beetle infestation? You’re not alone. Drugstore beetles are one of the most common household pests and can be hard to eliminate. There are natural ways to eliminate them without spending a fortune.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to get rid of drugstore beetles naturally. We’ll cover all the options available, plus some tips and tricks to ensure they don’t return.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to keep these pests away from your home.

Let’s start by understanding what drugstore beetles are. These tiny insects are often mistaken for other types of beetles due to their similar appearance—they’re reddish-brown and about 1/8 inch long.

They feed on various ingredients like flour, cereals, spices, pet food, and more, making them an unwelcome guest in any kitchen or pantry.

Now that we know what we’re up against let’s find out how to get rid of them naturally. One way is by using insect repellents such as ladybugs or praying mantises—these predators will eat the drugstore beetles and help keep their population under control.

Another option is diatomaceous earth—this powdery substance kills them when they come into contact with it but is safe for humans and pets alike.

Lastly, keeping your house organized and free of clutter makes it impossible for the beetles to hide and breed in your home.

By following these simple steps and using natural remedies like diatomaceous earth or ladybugs, you can safely eliminate drugstore beetles without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive treatments.

How to Get Rid Of Drugstore Beetles Naturally

Clean and Vacuum Regularly

Drugstore beetles can be a real nuisance in your home, but you don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals to get rid of them. The best way to discourage these pests is by regularly cleaning and vacuuming.

Start by paying attention to your pantry and kitchen shelves. Wipe down surfaces with soap and water, and vacuum any crumbs or debris that may have gathered. Additionally, store food in airtight containers – glass, metal, or plastic – as drugstore beetles can easily bore through cardboard and paper wrapping.

Vacuuming is also an effective way to eliminate beetles, larvae, or eggs lurking in carpets or crevices. Be sure to vacuum cracks, corners, and under furniture where they can easily hide. Dispose of the vacuum bag or contents immediately after cleaning to prevent the beetles from returning to your home. Don’t forget to include other areas of your home where beetles may be present, such as closets and bedrooms – store natural fabrics such as wool or silk in sealed plastic containers or vacuum bags.

Regularly cleaning and vacuuming are key preventative measures for keeping drugstore beetles away. However, if you already have an infestation, cleaning and vacuuming alone may not be enough to eliminate them.

Store Food in Airtight Containers

Protect your pantry from drugstore beetles with an easy and cost-effective solution – airtight containers. These containers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials – glass, plastic, and metal – so you can find one that fits your needs. Just check for any cracks or gaps in the lid to ensure it fits snugly before purchasing.

Not only will airtight containers keep the beetles out of your food storage area, but they’ll also help keep your food fresher for longer. This will reduce food waste and save you money in the long run. Plus, these containers prevent moisture from seeping in, which can lead to food spoiling quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to protect your pantry from drugstore beetles, airtight containers are the way to go.

Use Herbs and Spices to Repel Drugstore Beetles

Herbs and spices are a cost-effective way to keep drugstore beetles away from your pantry. Not only do these natural ingredients repel pests, but they also add a pleasant fragrance to your home.

From bay leaves to cloves to eucalyptus oil, plenty of herbs and spices will help keep the beetles away. Place these in the refrigerator or sachets and hang them in storage areas. You can also sprinkle cinnamon or other herbs in places where you’ve seen drugstore beetles.

These natural ingredients not only repel insects but also aid in preserving food items and reducing food wastage. Plus, their strong scents make your pantry smell delightful. So don’t hesitate to treat your pantry with herbs and spices – it’s like a breath of fresh air for your kitchen.

In addition to the herbs and spices listed above, several other natural ingredients can be used to repel drugstore beetles, such as cedar wood, lemon oil, and peppermint oil.

Freeze Infested Items

You don’t need to resort to harsh chemicals to get rid of them. A simple and cost-effective way to eradicate these pests is to freeze them.

Freezing can effectively kill both the beetles and their eggs, as extreme cold temperatures are too much for them to bear. To do this, place the infested item in a plastic bag and make sure it is sealed completely. Put the bag in the freezer for at least four days, ensuring the temperature is kept at zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. After four days, take out the bag and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours before opening it. This will help prevent any moisture buildup that could cause food spoilage.

However, not all items can be frozen safely. Natural fabrics such as wool, silk, or feathers should not be frozen as this could result in damage or shrinkage. Additionally, freezing may not be suitable for items with high moisture content as crystallization may occur due to freezing, leading to product deterioration.

Freezing infested items is just one part of a comprehensive strategy to control and prevent drugstore beetle infestation in your home effectively. In addition to freezing food items, you should also clean and vacuum regularly, store food in airtight containers, use herbs and spices like bay leaves and cloves around your food items, and use vinegar on your pantry shelves.

Use Vinegar to Repel Drugstore Beetles

This natural solution contains acetic acid, which effectively repels these pesky pests. Mix white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spritz it in areas where you’ve seen or suspect drugstore beetles. But before you use the solution extensively, spot-test it on a small area of fabric or furniture first to avoid any damage.

Vinegar can be combined with other strategies such as deep cleaning, decluttering infested areas, properly storing food items, and using traps to catch the beetles. While vinegar can repel drugstore beetles, it may not eliminate them, so it is important to use other methods for maximum effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to get rid of those pesky drugstore beetles without resorting to harsh chemicals, give vinegar a shot.

Other Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Drugstore Beetles

There are natural ways to get rid of these pesky critters without resorting to harsh chemicals. Here are some effective, natural remedies for getting rid of drugstore beetles.

Start by keeping your pantry and kitchen clean and tidy. Vacuum often and wipe down surfaces with soap and water. Store food in airtight containers such as glass, metal, or plastic with tight-fitting lids to prevent the beetles from entering. Try using bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks, or peppermint leaves to repel them. If an item is contaminated, freeze it for several days to kill the beetles and their larvae.

Vinegar is another natural product that can help deter drugstore beetles due to its strong odor. Mix equal water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz on shelves and food items. Wipe down shelves afterward to remove any oil residue.

In addition to these methods, you can also use essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender), diatomaceous earth, cedarwood oil, bay leaves, or neem oil for added protection against drugstore beetles.

How to Prevent Drugstore Beetle Infestations

Drugstore beetles can be a serious problem if they are not prevented from entering your home. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to discourage these pests and keep your pantry and kitchen safe.

First of all, make sure to purchase food that is properly packaged. Look for items with no holes or tears or containers damaged or opened. Once you’ve bought it, store it in airtight containers to prevent the beetles from getting inside and laying eggs.

Before bringing them into your house, inspect items such as secondhand furniture, antiques, or old picture frames. Before taking them inside your home, make sure to thoroughly check these items for any signs of infestation, such as small holes, droppings, or larvae.

In addition to this, keep your home clean and free of crumbs and other food debris that can attract drugstore beetles. Vacuum and sweep regularly, wiping down shelves and countertops to remove food residue. You can also use natural repellents like cedar chips or lavender sachets in your pantry area to repel the beetles from entering your home.

Lastly, place sticky traps in the pantry area to catch any beetles that have already entered your home.


Eliminating drugstore beetles from your home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can successfully eradicate these pesky pests with the proper knowledge and natural remedies.

Start by sweeping and vacuuming regularly to remove any filth or crumbs that may attract the beetles. Store food in airtight containers and use herbs and spices like bay leaves or cloves around food items for added security. If an item is infested, freeze it for four days to eliminate the beetles and their eggs.

You can also use vinegar or essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint to discourage them from entering your house.

By following these simple steps, you can keep drugstore beetles away from your home without resorting to harsh chemicals or costly therapies.